Artist "Road to Radio and to Fans"! Introducing you to new artists, visiting with current and past artists! Some surprises along the way too!

April of 2019 I started hosting a podcast in my spare time. It's called SkiP HappEns and it's about anything and everything. comedians to musicians, politicians and beyond. No borders, No rules.  It's also where I get all of my weird out LOL.  We all know SkiP HappEns.. 

If you enjoy the show I hope you'll contribute.  I want to be a bright spot in your day and hope you'll find enough value in that to support my efforts. I've tried to put together some fun extras for those of you that do. 

Check out the future stars and some current stars including artists, comedians, unique individuals and the awesome community of listeners. 

Scroll down for more audio interviews, including William Shatner (Capt. Kirk), Thompson Square, Charlie Daniels, Donnell Rawlings and many more 

Thank you in advance and remember sometimes SkiP HappEns. 
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